AngularJS for .NET Developers

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AngularJS for .NET Developers – Learn Angular JS for .NET Developers

This course will teach you all the ins and outs of using AngularJS with ASP.NET. You will learn how to use Angular with current technologies like MVC and the Web API, and legacy technologies like Webforms and Web Services. You will learn how to move your way of thinking from just using a little bit of JavaScript here and there to take advantage of all that Angular has to offer .NET developer. Whether that means just putting a little bit of a corner on a page or two in your site, or building a whole Single Page Application. Topics include how to organize and maintain your code, how to integrate Angular into ASP.NET pages, how to communicate with both current gen and legacy technology servers, how to work with real time services using SignalR, and how to prepare and deliver your code. to the client efficiently.

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Manufacturer: Pluralsight / Pluralsight
Teaching language: English
Teacher: Joe Eames, Jim Cooper
Level of training :, Secondary
Training time: 5 hours + 16 minutes
File size: 1010 MB

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