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Learn codeigniter – a toolkit to build websites using php. This course will enable you to build your own web development platform. We will take you through a full knowledge of codeigniter, starting from the very basics to creating our own custom libraries.

Other features of this course include controllers, models, views in codeigniter, creating and configuring databases, adding functions to helpers, creating custom helpers and many more.

It helps you develop projects much faster from writing codes from scratch and very basic approach to build complex concepts.

It helps you to develop a new outlook for web development and lets you build your own platform using other frameworks like LARVEL and CakePHP.

This course has been structured in such a way that the methodology balances the beginners as well as intermediate web developers. Being a newbie helps you to understand the broad concepts in depth. For intermediate web developers it helps you by pinpointing highly missed small but essential concepts.


Manufacturer: Udemy 

English name: Udemy Codeigniter: Learn concepts of Codeigniter

Name of Farsi: Tutorials Codignite

Tutorial Language: English

Teacher: Ankit Shrivastava

Level of training: Elementary, Secondary

Time of training: 3 hours + 47 minutes

File size: 730 MB

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Download Free Tutorial Codeigniter: Learn the concepts of Codeigniter

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