Complete Next.js with React & Node – Beautiful Portfolio App – Complete NexTest Training with RayAct and Node

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If you are planning to start your career as a developer or you just want to improve your programming skills, then this course is right for you. Learn how to build an amazing portfolio website you can share with your colleagues or future employers. 

Get all you need to start web development in one course! Start with web development technologies for more advanced topics until your application is deployed to Herok and accessible online on the internet. 

This resource is the only thing you need in order to start Web Development with Next.js, React and Node. During this course you will gain the confidence and skills required to start your own projects, you will get the right mindset to apply for developer career and to improve in modern frameworks like Next.js, React.js and Node.

We will start with a brief introduction of the Next.js framework. We will follow the starter introduction guide on the Next.js website with my additional explanation and examples. I will explain to you the benefits of server side rendered applications and I’ll get you familiar with the Next Framework. 

Furthermore, we will work on a basic layout of our portfolio application, we will create first pages and base styling.


Manufacturer: Udemy 

English name: Udemy Complete Next.js with React & Node – Beautiful Portfolio App 

Name Persian: Full training Nextest GSM with Reacte and Ninety 

Teaching languages: Persian 

Teacher: Filip Jerga 

Educational level: Secondary, Advanced 

training time:27 hours + 39 minutes 

File size: 15800 MB

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