Create 3D Realistic computer images / Learn the fast way

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Download Tutorial Create 3D Realistic computer images / Learn the fast way

With  Create 3D Realistic computer images / Learn the fast way course, I will show you everything you need to know to be able to create realistic images, effectivly and rapidly.

The course will focus on the fastest and most important features to help you create the best out of your creative vision.

It will introduce you to Corona Renderer Inside 3D MAx. It’s not a long course on how to use each and every feature of both softwares, because that would end up being a 10 hours course. Instead, I will provide you the best and most important information on how to create realistic interiors, and use those same techniques in any other project that you will have to do in the futur.

With the purchase of this course, It will be givel to you, all the 3D models (Furniture) Inside the course file.

I will show you how to install the software, model the space,make tests,setup the final render and do the post production directly in the software. with the course it will be given to you, all the 3D models of all the furniture in the model.

I hope you enjoy

Who is the target audience?
  • 3D Visualisation Artists
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • 3D Generalists
  • Anyone who would like to know how to create incredible and realistic images
  • Designers
  • Artists

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I am Ho Thi Phuong Thao, 26 years old. Graduated from Van Hien University with excellent grades. With 4 years of experience in teaching English and many other subjects. I am an English teacher of American English Center in Vietnam. By loving the teacher and sharing the knowledge widely with everyone, I establish the website to help people download completely free courses in all areas of their lives. I hope to receive the donation from readers. Once again sincerely thank you

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