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Level Up Your Graphic Design Skills with Real World Projects: Logo Design, Photo Manipulation, Digital Design & More!

This is a practical design course which is meant to teach while showing and producing real world client projects. 

The first section of the course focuses on Adobe Photoshop and photo editing and manipulation. We will review photo retouching and learn the content aware tool, which speeds up your workflow and works almost like magic.

We will brush up on our brush tool and learn how to create realistic shadows.

We will conquer a full photo manipulation project that will turn into a large poster ad. Not only will we tackle a photo manipulation project but will go into detail on typography and proper layout in ad design. 

I focused heavily on logo design and branding in this course as that is a huge part of design today. We will learn how to work with the golden ratio and even try our hand at a logo based on the golden ratio

We will do a full logo design and branding project from scratch including the concept developing phase and how to pick the proper font, style and colors. In the end we will apply it to real world applications and mock-ups

Learning how to sketch out our design ideas on pen and paper is so vital to creating a unique and interesting brand. I will walk through step by step how to create concepts from simple humble sketches and turn them into actionable branding assets.

We will even hand draw a symbol and trace it with the pen tool to make it a vector object so we can extend that to anything you can imagine.

We cannot ignore the critical part digital design plays in the world today.  We will complete an entire digital marketing campaign complete with a wide variety of Facebook and Instagram sizes, including a Instagram story ad. You will see my raw design process, including how I think through design problems, layout and focus on the realistic side of design.

There is an entire added bonus section. I included 5 mini classes that focuses on going or being a freelancer. This includes a class how to price freelance projects, how to value and present your services, and even a 30 minute full-time freelance course to help you start thinking about making money or making more money using your new found design skills.

So are you ready for the next level?

This course is dynamic so new lessons and bonus content will be added frequently! 

Who is the target audience?
  • Those who are ready for an intermediate level design course and may already know the very basic tools of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Those with basic skills wanting to increase their knowledge in the area of logo design, branding, ad design, Photoshop editing and manipulation and digital design including social media ad design
  • Those who enjoy learning by producing practical real world projects that are based on common projects seen in the industry
  • Those interested in Logo Design and Branding work

Info Tutorials/Courses

  • 7.5 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
  • [Size: 5.1 GB]

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I am Ho Thi Phuong Thao, 26 years old. Graduated from Van Hien University with excellent grades. With 4 years of experience in teaching English and many other subjects. I am an English teacher of American English Center in Vietnam. By loving the teacher and sharing the knowledge widely with everyone, I establish the website to help people download completely free courses in all areas of their lives. I hope to receive the donation from readers. Once again sincerely thank you

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