Keyword Research Training: LongTail Pro Platinum Software

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Download Tutorial Keyword Research Training: LongTail Pro Platinum Software

Keyword research can be time-consuming (especially when you want to find low competition terms) – but LongTail Pro makes it easy – seriously!

LongTail Keywords Give You an Advantage in SEO

If you want to be successful with SEO and rank high in Google you NEED to find keywords that have lower competition!

Longtail keywords have laser-targeted groups of people searching for them which means  –  less competition! 

The Way Google’s Aggregate Ranking System Works…

In a nutshell: once you begin to rank for terms within your niche (i.e. “Longtail keyword research tips”, “what is longtail keyword research, ect.)

then it becomes easier to rank for similar keywords (i.e. “what are longtail keywords”, “longtail keyword research”, “longtail keywords”, ect.)

This is why SEOs recommend going after ‘low hanging fruit’ (A.K.A. lower competition keywords)  first.  It’s just being strategic.

Why I Love LongTail Pro

I’m not exaggerating when I say that my partner and I built our entire SEO business around LongTail Pro!

(and we were working with them back in the early days before their lovely online dashboard came along! Through thick and thin – it’s served us well!) 

And continues to do so!

***DISCLAIMER*** Long Tail Pro is a paid monthly membership service. Feel free to watch the entire course, THEN decide if you want to buy their service or not. BUT you can use the keyword research tips I share with ANY keyword research software.

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering Inside This Course:

  • The Difference Between Short & Longtail Keywords
  • How to differentiate Local Keywords, Research Keywords & Buyer Keywords
  • A full-featured software demo of LongTail Pro Platinum and all it’s features (including how to do keyword research using the tool)

Plus – 3 sweet EXTRAS I know you’re gonna like!

***NOTE***  This course is focused on demonstrating how to use LongTail Pro than it is about teaching keyword research. If your goal is to learn the process of keyword research I recommend my other keyword research courses on Udemy. *If you need help deciding – feel free to message me. 

Enroll In This Course If You Want to Learn…

  • All the features of LongTail Pro (online & desktop)
  • It’s priceless ability to calculate how difficult or easy it will be to rank page 1 in Google
  • How LongTail Pro can be your go-to SEO tool for all your keyword research (and keyword tracking)needs

See you inside!

Who is the target audience?
  • SEOs & Keyword Researchers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Internet & Online Marketers
  • Local & Small Business Owners
  • Anyone looking for longtail keywords
  • Anyone who wants to rank higher in Google
  • Anyone who wants to see a step-by-step LongTail Pro tutorial

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