Learning MEAN Stack by Building Real world Application

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Learn how to build Full-Stack Web Application with Nodejs, Express, MongoDB, Angular5/6, Angular Material, and Passport

Using the same programming language in both the front and back ends of the application has multiple benefits. For one thing, it makes data communication between server and client simpler and faster. It makes modifications to either end easier. It also promotes reusing code across the multiple technologies that in turn helps keep the application secure and stable.

1)Time Saver – as all the JavaScript libraries are combined together, it saves a lot of time for the developers as they can access all the libraries at one go. The time saved here can be used to advance the project further.

2) Speedy data storage and retrieval – MongoDB does not require any predefined regulation to establish field relations unlike MySQL database that cannot operate without predefined database schemas and rules. Moreover, addition or deletion of records is very easy in MongoDB – all thanks to the dynamic schemas that it relies on. All this ensures that the system becomes efficient and more speedy regular functions can be performed.

3) Uniform Programming Language – what works in favor of MEAN stack is that one can control both the front end and back end activities because of JSON which is compatible with MongoDB database, Express and Node.js server and Angular. As such the need for any other programming languages like PYTHON or PHP.

Furthermore, node.js framework reduces the page load time making it a hot favorite for web based applications.

4) OS Compatibility – MEAN stack is compatible with MS Windows, MAC OS and Linux. You still have doubts about the feasibility of MEAN stack?

5) Agility and Quality of Apps – the basic architecture of MEAN is set up to support automated testing; as such developers can easily make corrections as and when the situation arises. Hence one can expect agile and quality app development with MEAN stack.

6) MEAN stack supports the MVC architecture –The single programming language and flexible database of MEAN stack allows it to handle the complex procedures of MVC framework. This ensures that development work does not become tedious or less productive.

 You will learn how to:

  • Create Nodejs server with Express.js
  • Use ES6 with Nodejs
  • Create Restful APIS with Nodejs, Express and Mongoose
  • Secure Restful APIS with Passport and JWT
  • Social(Twitter, Google, Github) Authentication in Nodejs
  • CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) Operation in Angular
  • Build Angular App with Angular Material, Material Data Table, and Material Dialog
  • Learn how to use Angular Material Components in Real world Application
  • JSON Web Token Authentication in Angular
  • Social(Twitter, Google, Github) Authentication in Angular
  • Generate PDF File in Nodejs
  • Download PDF File in Angular
  • Document RESTFUL APIS with Swagger
  • Send Email in Nodejs
Who is the target audience?
  • Intermediate Angular Developer who want to learn full-stack web developement
  • Nodejs Developer who want to learn full-stack web development

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