PHP Symfony 4 API Platform + React.js Full Stack Masterclass – Simphoni 4 with PayPal

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Learn Symfony PHP Framework, API Platform and React.js full stack and create complete application! 

Have you ever wanted to advance your PHP skills to the next level? Maybe you have some prior PHP experience but you never had a change to work with a framework? Or you are new to PHP at all? 

It does not matter! You can take this course to give your PHP projects a fresh start! In the modern world, sooner or later, as a web developer you will have to create an API and frontend application in React.JS or any other JS framework out there. It’s just a must have these days for any professional web developer!

This is where I can help you. Take this course to learn how to create robust APIs in PHP using Symfony Framework 4 and API Platform. You will not believe how easy and instant it could be! I’ll take you step by step throughout the whole process, from creating your own robust API to making a modern React.JS application using Redux, Redux-Form and all the other tools you just need to know to get a job these days. !


Manufacturer: Udemy 

English name: Udemy PHP Symfony 4 API Platform + React.js Full Stack Masterclass 

Name Persian: Learning PHPPH Symfony 4 with RayACG 

Language Learning: English

Teacher: Piotr Jura 

Training Level : Elementary, Secondary 

Time of training: 19 hours + 21 minutes 

File size: 10600 MB

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