Python 3 Complete Masterclass – Make Your Job Tasks Easier!

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Vue.js Essential Training – Learn Vue.js

Vue.js offers developers a framework for building applications that allows them to choose how they want to apply the framework. This flexibility is just one of many benefits offered by this lightweight framework. Developers also appreciate the…

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript – Build 6 Creative Projects

Build 6 projects using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Master in CSS Animations, CSS Transform and create 3D effects.  What you’ll learn.  You will meet many modern CSS tricks and techniques.  You will work on projects based…

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Making Games in Scratch 2.0

Making Games in Scratch 2.0 – Learn how to build games in Scratch 2.0 Scratch 2.0 allows anyone with no prior coding knowledge to make games. In this course, Making Games in Scratch 2.0, you’ll…

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Python 3 Network Programming – Build 5 Network Applications

Download Tutorial Python 3 Network Programming – Build 5 Network Applications ✔ 10+ hours of Python 3 content designed for Network Engineers ✔ I am updating the course frequently with new videos and code ✔ I am answering…

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