Troubleshooting Android Performance

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Have you started developing an Android application only to find the app is slower than you expected? Or that certain tasks are not working as you expected? Dealing with performance issues on Android is a common experience many developers face. Performance is a key requirement in any good app that user’s don’t necessarily look for, but experience every time they open an app.

If the earlier questions apply to you, look no further! This course will help you overcome common performance issues on Android. In this course, we go over the important and common areas that can affect performance such as memory, network, UI, and battery. We delve into issues such as memory management, where we will look at memory leaks and tracking allocations. We also look at optimizing your user experience when working with data on the cloud. We also go into some common pitfalls when working with your UI and how to debug it. Finally, we look at ways to optimize and debug your app’s battery usage to ensure that it doesn’t annoy users when they’ve installed your app.
When you’re completed with this course, you will be developing applications more efficiently, without having to worry about your code affecting the performance that your users experience.

Style and Approach

You’ll walk through Power BI, end-to-end, starting from how to connect to and import your data, author reports using Power BI Desktop, and publish those reports to the Power BI service.

The course is divided into sections; in each section, you will explore one Power BI functionality. Each section is followed by practice in creating a report with a given data source.
Throughout the course, we will analyze the data and try to solve a specific business problem using interactive visualization.

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